Confessions of a Broken Runner

13 May

It’s so hard to write this post because I feel like there is going to be alot of confessing. I’ve been living back at the coast for the past two and a half weeks and have been to the gym THREE times in that time. THREE TIMES!!! How depressing is that? And on top of that, I feel like I ate far too much junk food… probably enough to last me for the next month! I threw some healthy meals in there too, don’t worry, I wasn’t a complete couch potato but I definetly wasn’t doing as well as I was doing while living here in Durham. Not really sure why that is either. Wish I could pinpoint the reason why I seem far more motivated here than there.

On a much happier note, I’ve signed up for my May race! My sister’s friend is helping to host a 5k in Raleigh to raise money for the National MPS Society. That’s about all I know about this race thus far, haven’t done much research as to specifically where it is or what time it starts.. something I should probably do soon since the race is in five days! I am really excited about it though!

I’m headed to the gym tomorrow morning for the first time in awhile and surprisenly I am stoked! So ready to get back into a good gym routine before I move to camp for the summer. I’m in the mist of working on a steady running plan for the summer (since I’ll have no gym, just the road to run on and the lake to swim laps in) while at camp, though the first couple weeks are a bit rough since it’s training week and those are always the worst to get through… long days with little sleep equals not much running time for me. Staying on a positive note though, very excited about tomorrows workout! It should be … interesting. 🙂

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