Raleigh Rocks 5k: Race Recap

3 Apr

Sunday was the Raleigh Rocks 5k. I was nervous about it this race for a few reasons. One, I had ran almost three miles at the gym on Friday and from that my ankle was bothering me quite abit. Needless to say it was a bit swollen too… never a good sign. Two, come Sunday morning I wasn’t feeling my best and definetly wasn’t feeling a three mile run but pushed myself through it. And three, my original goal for this race was to beat my 40 minute 5k two weeks ago and I was so worried I wasn’t going to beat it.

When we got to Raleigh, we followed the traffic to the PNC center, parked in the first spot we saw (though I’m convinced it was the spot furthest from the packet pickup), searched for our t-shirts and bib numbers, than followed the crowd to the start line. I have to say that finding the packet pickup was a little confusing. They set up the table inside the PNC center right next to the ladies restroom. Luckily we asked just to make sure we weren’t going to be waiting in line for ages just to get to the restrooms! The line for the packet pickup went by pretty fast actually so it wasn’t as bad as it originally looked.

The half marathon runners took off first and than it was our turn to crowd the start line. It wasn’t a huge race so it didn’t take much time for the half runners to clear the way for us.

Start line!

A bit cloudy out, and chilly, but at least it wasn’t too cold! Why is everyone looking the opposite way of the start line, you may ask? The half marathon runners were running past us as we waited to start. They had already made their loop around the PNC center and we had to wait for all of them to pass before we could start.

Half marathon runners (left) running past us as we wait to start our 5k race.

Waiting at the start line!

I strongly ran the first mile than slowed to a fast walk the second I hit the mile one marker. My stomach was feeling a bit weak and I wanted to make sure not to push myself farther than I needed to. I really wanted to beat my 40 minute 5k from two weeks ago though so throughout mile two I focused alot on that goal and that definetly kept me going and focused. I found two people to be my “goal person” who I had been trailing around for about a mile. I heard one of my goal people tell her young daughter, “when you see that finish line you run for it!” My thought at that moment was… Yes, I will take that as a challenge and beat you!

The second I heard the crowd at the finish line I starting running. When I turned that last corner and saw the finish line standing there waiting for me, I starting sprinting past ALL my goal people. I’m happy to say that I beat every single one of my “goal people” AND I beat my last 5k time BY THREE MINUTES!!! Still not where I want my 5k time to be but I’m very pleased with my results. My final time was 37 minutes and 10 seconds with a pace of 11:59.

I really enjoyed the t-shirts for this race too! Again, a color shirt… which I love much more than plain white. I can’t say this is my favorite race shirt but it is color which means I’ll probably wear it more than my white ones. I do like the guitar design though!

A little dark, but here's our shirts and my number! 🙂

Finished the 5k!

My parents did the 5k with me too!

At the finish line I was a little disapointed with the after race snacks. I saw bananas and cookies! That’s all!! I’m not much for cookies right after a race, even if it is just a 5k, so I was left with a banana… which I’m not too keen for right after a race either but it was better than cookies!

I’m not sure why but after this race I was so sore and exhasuted! The moment I got home I took a nap almost into the afternoon! It’s rare that I take naps but I was out for a good few hours! I woke up just for a little bit to help with dinner and eat with my family and than went to change clothes and was in bed by 8pm!! Slept all through the night too!

Speaking of dinner I am proud to say that I successfully made a great meal! If you know me you know that I am HORRIBLE at cooking. For goodness sakes, I’ve messed up mac ‘n cheese before! This pasta dish I made last night was a alfredo fusilli bake I found on pintrest. It was pretty simple to make (definetly helped that the website had photo step-by-step directions along side the written directions).

I did have a scare when I was making the alfredo sauce because it looked like ALOT of sauce and it was a bit hard to follow those specific directions, but it all turned out to be ok in the end! 🙂

This is my 'I'm not sure I'm making this right because this sauce looks really gross' face.

The dish turned out to be really really good! It was so filling but a great meal after our 5k run (and my all day nap).

I made dinner all by myself!!

My Alfredo Fusilli Bake

(If you want to check out the recipe go HERE)

It wasn’t long after dinner that I was back in bed to sleep the night away! All in all I enjoyed the Rocking Raleigh 5k but I don’t think I would say it was my favorite race. The route was pretty easy to follow and the live music bands playing were motivating, but I wasn’t pleased with the after race snacks.

Did you run any races this weekend? How did you do?


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