Random Facts Friday

30 Mar

1. I ran 2.6 miles yesterday without slowing down for the first time since my surgery last year. 🙂

2. I miss living at the beach. I don’t know what going to happen if I get accepted into Western (in the mountains) for graduate school.

3. Chips are my biggest downfall. I really wish they were healthier for you. 😛

4. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut.

5. I wish I loved running more than I do. I’m working on this.

6. I’ve done one triathelon and want to do another before the end of 2012. Any suggestions on good ones in NC? 


7. In April I plan to attend more spinning classes! I think I’m finding a new love.

8. I have a girl crush on Emma Watson. Coming in a close second is Sophia Bush.

Emma Watson

Sophia Bush










9. I may have to have surgery on my ankle again. 😥

10. Salads are slowing becoming my favorite dish to eat. I just have to find ways to make it healthier.

11. I watch more reality tv than anything else. I’m a bit ashamed by it.

12. I’m OCD when it comes to alphabetizing, color coding, or planning stuff.

13. I’m horrible at spelling.

14. I don’t plan on ever getting a tattoo.

15. I was informed tonight that there may be an alumni art show at the community college I used to go to. I plan on sumbitting some of my best photographs! 🙂

What are some of your RFF? HAPPY FRIDAY!


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