A Special Thanks & Spinning for the First Time!

27 Mar

A Special Thanks

Though this is long and overdo, I’d still like to take this time to say THANK YOU to Go Time, a management company that specializes in race day timing, for recgonizing me and my race recap for the St. Patrick’s Lo Tide 5k run on their facebook page afew weeks ago!!

Spinning For The First Time!

Yesterday morning my mom and I went to spinning class at the gym! She has been before but this was my first time and I was so excited! I’ve heard really good things about spin class, and bad things like it makes your butt hurt but I was willing to push that little fact to the side and try it anyways.

The warm up was pretty easy, kind of what I expected. Once we started increasing the resistance it got tougher but I defenetly stuck with the instructer and what he was doing. I’m one of those people who hate to be behind, even if it IS my first time in the class and I’m a beginner. I did catch myself slowing down a bit while we were alternating between sitting and standing WHILE biking. Yeah… it was tough but SO SO SO fun!

Though I seemed and felt all tough and hard-core on the outside, I was definetly thinking this on the inside afew times…

I liked the feeling of really pushing myself on these spin bikes, though it’s true what they say about a sore bum after it’s all over! πŸ˜› They have spinning six days a week so I bet I’ll be back before the end of the week!

After we grabbed lunch at home, my mom and I brought our two youngest dogs to the near by lake for acouple hours of playing. The dogs LOVED it! It was a great excersise for them and a good chance for them to get out of the backyard and have a change of scenary. I could tell they were pooped on the way home…

Daisy before she layed down to nap.

Buddy Bear, the puppy, sleeping against the window.

We THOUGHT they were pooped until we got home, than it seemed like their energy level shot up and they were running laps around the main floor again! I think they had fun at the lake though and that’s what matters! πŸ™‚

Todays Workout…

As far as today’s workout… it pretty much consisted of walking around the grocery store shopping. :/ I meant to wake up early and go swim laps but I kiiiiiiiinda slept in too late. My plan B was to get on the stationary bike and bike for at least an hour but my motivation just wasn’t there today. Instead, this is what I did…

The only reason I changed out of my PJ’s was to go to the store. Pretty sad, eh? haha. Well at least I got a good rest day in this week. Lately I’ve been really bad about that and have been working out like crazy with little rest days.

Back to buisness tomorrow though! Before my drive to Wilmington tomorrow afternoon, I plan to make it to the gym to swim laps for awhile. Plus my BFF whom I’m staying with in Wilmington just joined O2 Fitness and has a free 7-day pass for a friend so she’s trying to get me to get up with her at 6am to go with her for the next few days. (Who get’s up at 6am to go excersise on “vacation”? haha). She’s convinced me to go workout with her and work on my 5k time for my race on Sunday, so hopefully I can get in a good few runs in this week!

What’s your experience with spinning? Do you have any solutions for NOT have a sore bum at the end??


2 Responses to “A Special Thanks & Spinning for the First Time!”

  1. Darlene Cardillo March 28, 2012 at 16:59 #

    Never tried it….but I have thought about it. Glad you enjoyed it. (I have a sore bum after biking 2 mi LOL)

    GL on Sunday!

    • run50states March 29, 2012 at 15:20 #

      If you like biking than I would highly recomment spinning. I’ve found it to be a great excersise!! Hope your injury is healing well!! πŸ™‚

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