Three Things Thursday

22 Mar

Though my day wasn’t busy, today was still a pretty good day! I ate well, went out for a run, and got my parents signed up for the Rockin’ Raleigh 5k on April 1st.

1) Healthy Eating

LOVE IT! I would rather eat healthy everyday than eat junk food all day. It defenetly helps that I’ve given up junk food for the season of lent so I haven’t really have a craving for it for the past few weeks. I like to think that I eat pretty healthy everyday, but today I tried really hard and I must say I feel like I succeded.

Breakfast: an egg, two veggie sausage links, & a cup of coffee (with the comics near by of course).

My after run snack, an orange and a glass of water. Can't get enough oranges these days, I've found that I have one nearly everyday! YUM!

Dinner: Salad and veggie corn chowder (soooo good!)

Dessert: OK, this wasn't the healthiest part of my day but I decided to indulge in this delicious dessert my Dad made! It's an apple crumble cake and it was AMAZING!!!

As I am uploading these photos, I just realized I skipped lunch. Though my breakfast was a late meal so I suppose that set me up for less food through out the day.

2. Two Mile Run

Ok, technically it was 1.8 miles but DailyMile rounded up so I think I can too. It was a nice run, though harder than my race this past weekend. Pretty sure it’s because the trail I ran on had some hills and this past weekend the 5k I ran was at the coast, with no hills. I know that’s no excuse but hills really are like death to me! (Makes me wonder how I’m going to survive that trail half marathon in LA in Nov.!) My time this weekend at the 5k was 40:03 and my time today for 2 miles was 25 minutes… sucks, right?!?!? I’m gonna have to figure out what to do about this…

I was excited to wear my new socks to run today though, that put me in a good mood! My sister bought me these socks this summer when I broke my ankle as a ‘hope your other foot can be happy in colorful socks’ present but realized today that I haven’t used them yet. I don’t know why… I love the design and the colors!!

During my run I also realized that my Ramblin’ Rose Tri shirt is great for running in. (Duh… it’s an athletic shirt!) Yeah, I know it’s made for races but I guess I haven’t really worn it since I did the tri a year and a half ago. It’s so much better than wearing a t-shirt out running because it’s easier for my body to breath AND the sleeves seem to keep rolled up better!

Now I just have to figure out a way to keep my hair from falling out of it’s bun while running. That is something I always seem to have a problem with but more today for some reason. :/

3. Tomorrow’s Workout Plan

I hope to get to the gym tomorrow, either for gym time or pool time (or both if I’m feeling lucky!). I realized today that I’m behind on my goal of running 30 miles in March so perhaps I can get a good 3-4 miles in tomorrow, hoping my ankle does ok with that distance (long story :/ ).

The gym that I joined also does SPINNING classes on Tuesday & Friday mornings so PERHAPS I can get up early and go do that tomorrow morning! I’m SOOO pumped about this class!! (Can you tell with all my capital letters, haha) I’ve heard so many great things about spinning classes and I’ve read article after article about how great of a workout it is. Can’t wait to try it out!


Do you have any secrets of how to keep your hair up off your neck during your run? Have you ever tried spinning before? What did you think?




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