St. Patrick’s Lo Tide 5k: Race Recap

18 Mar

Yesterday was The Steve Haydu St. Patrick’s Lo Tide 5k here in Carolina Beach, NC. In one word, amazing!

   I’m so glad that I arrived 45 minutes early to pick up my bib number and t-shirt! The roads were already so crowded at that time and luckily I found parking pretty easy, but for those about ten minutes behind me I’m sure had trouble. I got one of the last spots in the lots that I parked in and luckily that lot was real close to the start and finish!

   Speaking of the start, I over heard the announcer say that this could possibly be the biggest 5k in the whole region! There were over 2,000 people who partipated in the 5k/10k run! An amazing turnout! The start line was actually ON the beach… not often you see that.

So much green!!

   I was super nervous about that since that’s how I broke my ankle in july (by running on sand) but it was only 100 yards or so until we got to the boardwalk and continnued the rest of the race on the road. I started to jog alittle bit on the harder sand that’s closer to the water but as soon as we got to the softer sand I slowed to a fast walk… didn’t want to make the same injury twice! It didn’t matter much though since once we got to the tiny bridge that led us from the sand to the road (is there a specific name for those bridges??) EVERYONE slowed down as if we were in a traffic jam! I don’t think I moved for at least two minutes… kinda sucks for my time but it’s fine I guess.

Runners trying to squeeze onto the bridge!

Once I got over the bridge and onto the road it was a pretty easy run from there. I’m happy to say that I ran most of the race without stopping, and when I did stop it was only for a minute to two to stretch my legs or tie my shoes. I ran the first mile and a half with full force though, no stopping, good pace, breathing was just right. I think I pushed myself a bit much at the beginning because once I slowed to fix my hair, I didn’t run as fast. I really should learn how to pace myself well.

I would have to say mile one was my favorite. I was so pumped, had a quick pace, plus we ran around a lake which was so pretty. The only thing I would have changed was the bridge dilemma and perhaps starting on the sand (which would take care of the bridge dilemma) but all in all it was a great race to run!

There were heaps of people at the finish line cheering us on as we ran to complete our race. Once I crossed over the line though it was absolutely crowded and we were moving so slow. That’s one of the worst things about the finish lines… the crowds. I understand that it’s hard to get the crowd moving sometimes but it can delay someones time if there are too many people.

Finish line in sight!

I forgot to change watches before I left my house so I had guesstimate my time with the watch I was wearing. I guesstimated 37 minutes and finished in 40:03. Not great but kinda what I expected for my first race since last year! Come to think of it, the last race I ran was one year ago exactly! Last St. Patty’s Day I ran the St. Patty’s Day Dash in Seattle Washington.

Day Dash in Seattle 2011

Far too long to not be running!! This was a good, flat, race to start back up with though! I loved it!

Finished the race and chilling on the beach!

My outfit also consisted of green St. Patty’s knee socks!!

It's much harder to take a picture of your own socks than you may think!!

I’m excited for my new racing bib to add to my collection! Plus this one is all decorated and pretty instead of bland and black and white. I really like these shirts too! Not like I don’t already have PLENTY of running shirts but I like the fact that these are green! I have far too many white one and I love color shirts!

   After the race I didn’t have anything to do for acouple hours so I decided to spend some time on the beach! My bathing suit JUST SO HAPPENED to be in my car waiting for me. 😛 The sunscreen on the other hand did not quite make it into my car, hence a bit of a burn.

Had to do the 'take a picture of myself in the mirror' to get my red face.

I would highly suggest this race to anyone in the area looking at a flat, beginners 5k run. They welcome walkers too which is always nice for people who are just looking for a nice stroll around the town. My next 5k is the Raleigh Rocks 5k on April 1st and I’m determined to beat 40:03. Would love to beat it by 10 minutes BUT a time of 35 minutes is a good goal (and more realistic) right now.

Did you run a St. Patty’s Day race? How did it go?


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