Five Things Friday

9 Mar

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!!! 😀

1. Five Miles Feels Good

Walked/jogged five miles today with my mom (even though it’s her birthday) and it feels great! We found a really nice park in Apex that has trails that wines behind a neighborhood. One of the coolest things about this trail is that we got to take a bridge that crossed over the highway, which was neat. My absolute favorite part was the big dragon that was on the first playground we passed. When we were done with our jog I went back and took a picture with him… it’s been a long time since I’ve played at a park!

2. Amica Half Marathon, Rhode Island

I’ve decided I’m doing this. This race takes place a month before my half in California so it will be a good long distance practice run. I’m putting my name down TOMORROW.

3. Tar Heel 10-Miler

Another race I’ve currently found and am determined to do. This one is at the end of April and, though I will have run more miles and done more training by than, I’m not sure I’ll be ready to do 9-minute miles (that’s the mile time you have to have to not be left behind) back-to-back for 10 miles. I’m still working on getting my 5k time at a decent time again. Not to mention the tiny, little fact that this race takes place the same day that my cruise gets back to shore. And so, this race goes on the list for next year. Which brings me to thing 4…

4. 2013 Planning ALREADY??

   Yes, I that crazy that I am already planning races for 2013!!! I’m not sure if this makes me feel more organized or perhaps just a crazy running lady who like to run alot (better than a crazy cat lady though, eh?).

It’s true though, I’m already planning races for 2013. I guess ever since I moved apartments and packed up all my medals and bib numbers, I realized I hadn’t run a half marathon in two, maybe three years, and it hit me that I need to jump back on the horse and get running if I’m ever going to finish this goal of running a half in every state.

For 2013 I’ve already got in mind the Tar Heel 10-Miler (April) and Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon in Minneapolis (Oct.). Perhaps a Disney one (Princess or Tinker Bell) if I can plan it right and I have the money. I’ll need to find another state in which I haven’t run a half in besides Minnisota though.

5. Racing Shirts

For every race I’ve ever done I’ve always gotten a shirt with it. After so many races you’d think I would start getting rid of some. I think I have enough of them now. What do you think?

Sad part is this isn’t even all of them!

Does you plan your races a year in advance? What’s a good race I can look into for 2013 in a state that I haven’t checked off my list yet? How many running shirts do you have (and do you wear them all/what do you do with them)?

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