Current Giveaways You Should Check Out

8 Mar

Everyone loves free stuff, am I right? So go check out these blogs and what they have to giveaway to their readers!!

–> is giving away a Bondi Band! Looks super comfty to run in and they have both male AND female ones!!

–> is giving away a free race entry to the color run in Atlanta here!! I can’t wait to run one of these runs, they look so fun! (End 3/14)

–> is giving away a sparkle skirt here!! These look amazing, especiality for themed races!

–> is giving away a FREE entry into a rock ‘n roll series race here! These races are amazing. I’ve done a good number of them and love them! Check out their website here and let me know what race you would do if you won!

–> is giving away free active bands here! There are SOOO many designs, I’m not sure what I would get if I were to buy some! Check out their website here and let me know what you think of them!

–> is giving away One More Mile race belt AND shirt here! These shirts are so hilarious! Visit their website here and tell me which one is your favorite! My favorite is this one…

Attention Spectators: Yelling 'your almost there' at mile 2 is not funny!

–> is giving away a ankle armor here. Don’t have anywhere to put your car key or cash while working out? These are so great to hold small items while out on a run or at the gym!

–> is giving away a Fuelbelt here! These are great for long distance running (i.e. half and full marathons)!

–> is giving away a pair of merrill barefoot running shoes here! these shoes look super comfertable for running in!!

Good Luck! What are other giveaways that you know of?


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