February Recap

2 Mar

Total Mileage: haha… let’s not go here. Packing and moving took much longer than I thought it would.

March: 30 miles.

Workouts Planned/Workout Completed: 10/11. Didn’t plan as many this month since I knew I was moving and that was going to be stressful.

March: 24 days of workouts planned. At least 17 days of running.

Races Planned/Races Completed: 1/0. A virtual 5k was planned but didn’t take place unfortunetly.

March: 1 5k planned, St. Patty’s Day Lo Tide Run 5k in Kure Beach.

Current Book: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Current Obsession: Cooking!!

Current Drink: Water. Can’t get enough of it these days 🙂

Current Song: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Current Wish List: Plane tickets to California for my half in November.

Current Goal: Get some major abs before my cruise in April.

Current Treat: Apple pie bites. So delicious!! ( Just buy pillsbury biscuits in a can, put some cinnamon and sugar on the inside of them, roll an apple slice in the biscuit, heat in the oven until outside is golden brown, and than spread a bit of butter and more cinnamon sugar on the top. So good!)


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