Looks Like I’m Going To California!

27 Feb

As I was reading new updates on all the blogs I read regularly I came across B’s blog, http://i-run-like-a-girl.blogspot.com/ (really great running blog if anyone is looking for a good one to follow!),where I found a new entry naming off some winners of a giveaway she recently had. When I see blogs that are titled, ‘Giveaway Winners’ I normally skip down to the names of who won and if my name isn’t there than I skip the whole blog all together. I mean, really, who wants to read about some awesome giveaway they didn’t even win, right?

When I saw my name tonight though I thought, “whoo wooo.. I won! Now let’s scroll back up and see what it was.” Another thing you all should probably know about these types of giveaways are that most of the time they are running shirts, books, compression tights, a Road ID, etc. So when I saw that I won A FREE ENTRY TO THE GRIFFITH PARK TRAIL HALF MARATHON IN LA CALIFORNIA I was stoked!!! That’s a $95 half mary that I don’t have to pay for! Wooo-whoooo!!!

I did a little research though and found a few things I’m worried about. So here’s the Pros and Cons of this giveaway.


It’s a free half marathon!! (duh, I’m stoked about that!!)

The race is in a state I haven’t completed yet.

Since it’s in LA (and I’ve never been there before) I can make it into a fun trip with either my family and/or my BFF.

It’s in November so that’s plenty of time to train.



Not that many “cons” to doing this half but seriously… check out this map! Who is this crazy to be running (haha, running in the moutains?!?!) this race??

   My mom said she bet she knows what happened. B was probably signed up for this race THAN took a look at the map and was like, “HELLZ NO I’M NOT RUNNING THIS HILLY RACE!!!” and did a giveaway to one of her readers. THAN she probably looked to see who lived FARTHEST away from the race location and gave it to that person. I mean come on, you can’t get much further away than North Carolina, am I right?

   I was looking at some races in New Mexico and than my mom reminded me that NM is very mountain-y (is that a word?) and to try and look for flatter race courses since I’ve never taken on the challenge of a hilly race before. And I’ve never taken on this challenge before because every time I mention something about a race in the mountains my mom tells me the story of when we went hiking in Kentucky when I was baby and my Dad passed out because of the altitude change and dropped me.

   It’s about time I conquer this fear, suck it up, and run (jog, skip, walk) this race in LA. Sure, I’m scared but as stated before, I do have nine months to train.

Has anyone done a race in the mountains before? What’s the best way to train?


6 Responses to “Looks Like I’m Going To California!”

  1. Beth (i run like a girl) February 27, 2012 at 23:03 #

    You’re going to love it!
    Seriously – the course is steep, but the highest elevation is not *that* high (I think Griffith park tops out at less than 2,000 feet) and it’s close to the city. Plus there are some amazing views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean from those hills!
    It will take some training to get ready, but trail running in So Cal is pretty fantastic. 🙂

    • Rachel @ run50states February 28, 2012 at 15:20 #

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll def be training on trails as much as possible before than! Have you done this race before?

      • Keira Henninger March 8, 2012 at 22:18 #

        You will love the race, and yep the finisher medals are unreal! Go to our face book page and check out tons of photos from the race, and pics of finisher medals. “Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon”- Keira

  2. Rachel @ run50states March 8, 2012 at 22:47 #

    Thanks Keira! I’m so excited about this race, though very nervous for the huge amount of hills, but I’m hoping I’ll get a plenty of training in before than. The photos look awesome, and I can’t wait for that medal! 🙂

  3. bclay1114 March 11, 2012 at 14:49 #

    we should go do some training in asheville. ill take you much higher than 2,000 ft and see how you do =) we can hike looking glass mountain which tops out at almost 4,000 ft. Heres a website with all the details. http://www.main.nc.us/naturenotebook/hikes/lookingglass.html
    Its a tough hike but ive done it and if i can do it then you can definitely do it! the hills at the LA race will feel like uneven pavement after this =) kinda crazy to see the picture of the rock i climbed from the parkway on that website.

    • Rachel @ run50states March 11, 2012 at 17:26 #

      I’m down! We will definetly find some time before november to go to ashville for a few days and do some MAJOR training!

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