Five Things I Learned Today

25 Feb

1. Get More Than an Hour & a Half of Sleep Before a Morning Swim

One of my moms co-workers invited us to go lap swimming with her this morning at 5:30. When I was invited afew days ago I didn’t think much of it and openly said, “Sure!” without thinking twice. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with waking up at 4:30 to be at the pool by 5:30 for a morning swim but this time around I forgot to do one thing… sleep.

What I didn’t think about until last night was that a friend had invited me to midnight bowling for her birthday party. After I remembered this little fact I thought, “ok… I’ll go midnight bowling… be home about 1.30, maybe two… get acouple hours of sleep and be good to go for swimming.” Little did I know that tacos were in order at bowling. I love love love tacos so of course I couldn’t turn down the offer of going to get “the best tacos in Durham”. (Turns out when we got there they didn’t have anything vegetarian, which was a little sad but I had a great time hanging out with friends who I haven’t seen in months!) Because of the unexpected taco run I didn’t return home until three am, only giving me an hour and a half to sleep.

You’ll be glad to hear that I made it to the pool (almost falling asleep in the car) and swam a whopping 23 laps in 30 minutes. That beat my 20 laps I did in 30 minutes last weekend! yay!

–> Side note: When we were done swimming and left the building to get in the car, the sun STILL wasn’t up! At least we weren’t the only crazy people swimming laps that early, there were at least two other people there.

2. I Hate Swimming in Cold Water

   I suppose I could have guessed this since I despise running in cold weather but didn’t realize how much I hate (yes, hate) it until this morning. The second I slid into the freezing cold pool I felt like my breath was taken away, and I wasn’t even moving yet! During my first lap I was convinced they had thrown ice cubes in the pool first thing this morning! Those first couple of laps were super hard, but I got used to it. If I stayed still for too long I would get too cold so I just kept swimming. (In my head was Dory’s voice from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming”. I have to say, it worked pretty well!) That’s why I’m not really surprised I beat my PR for a 30 minute swim!

3. I Really Should Learn to Love Goggles

   That’s one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to swimming. I just can’t stand having goggles on. They make me feel like my eyeballs are gonna fall out of their sockets. I only have one pair of goggles and I got them when I was, probably in middle school or highschool so my guess is they are too small for me now. I’ve tried others on and I just can’t seem to fall in love with the eye sucking glasses.

   Because I decide not to wear goggles, I do open my eyes under water… which is probably one of the worst things I can do for my eyes in a chlorine invaded pool! Today I tried to be really careful as to not open my eyes under water but it still happened quite a bit. My eyes didn’t turn out as red and sore as they normally are but by the end of my 30 minutes swim I still came out with what I like to call vampire eyes.

4. Chlorine Doesn’t Like My Hair

   To go along with not wearing goggles… I don’t wear a swim cap either, unless I’m doing a tri. This is what happens…

   Even AFTER washing my hair with shampoo made to clean “pool hair” and conditioning it!! Anyone got any tips for me?? (and don’t say wear a swim cap… that is plan Z.)


   This may not be a huge learning curve for anyone else, but if you know me you know that I’ve messed up mac ‘n cheese, grilled cheese, pancakes, eggs, chocolate covered cookie dough bites… all pretty simple stuff. So to hear that I’ve been cooking lately, and SUCCESFULLY is a HUGE deal for me!

   Here is a recipe I found on Pintrest for a breakfast sandwich.

Pintrest version...

... my version! 🙂

I made a breakfast sandwich with spinach, a little cheese, onions, an egg, and a little mayo. It was DELICIOUS!!! Definetly a recipe I’ll be keeping!


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