If The Wheels Still Turn…

23 Feb

Yesterday I dug out the old stationary bike in my parents basement and hopped on to try it out. It still works! Well, of course it works… it’s not like it runs on battery but I’m surprised nothing has broken off of it yet. You don’t understand, this bike is OLDER than me plus afew years probably! Heard of the ‘Schwinn’ bike brand? That’s the company that make this stationary bike. Bet you haven’t seem this model though…

   Yep, this is the old school stationary bike we have to work with. She’s a beauty, ain’t she? Sure the pedals in the front wheel blows cold air right into your eyes as you bike, and the timer rarely turns on when you push the on button, and the seat hurts my bum after biking for so long… but the pedals turn and the handle bars work so I can’t complain much.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve riden this bike in a long time so it took some time getting used to it. You may think there isn’t much to get used to on a stationary bike BUT there is. I can’t quite put my words on it (except for my bum getting used to that hard seat again) but there is just something to get used to.

Today I did a whopping hour on the bike while watching ‘Prison Break’ (my most recent tv fab) on my laptop. Since this is such an old bike, the screen at the front that times you and paces you doesn’t work anymore which means I have to time myself on my cell phone. This also means that I don’t know my pace which means I can’t calculate how far I’ve gone. Huge bummer BUT my Dad is fixing it so yay!

Pretty Old School, eh? 😛

After my hour biking today I came upstaires to the kitchen and was craving something sweet but instead reached for the yogurt (my Dad’s homemade yogurt) and the fruit and made myself a bowl of awesomeness!

   Can you say ‘YUMMY’? I think it was grapes that really hit the sweet spot for me. The strawberrys were just a good add on!

   Tomorrow’s plans are to run in the morning while I’m in Cary. For the next couple of weeks I have to drive our dog, Bonnie, to radiation to help with her cancer. The Vet Hospital is roughly 30 minutes away, and since the radiation only takes an hour and a halfish I don’t bother to drive back home while she’s getting her treatment. Yesterday on our way home I got a bit lost (surprise, surprise…) and I found a neighborhood park that had some trails so I think I’m going to explore that area tomorrow and see if I can find a good running route for the next couple of weeks.

Does anyone have good before/after workout snacks? What’s your favorite after workout snack? 


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