Back To Blogging (And New Running Shoes)!

20 Feb

I spent last week packing up my entire apartment and moving back home with the folks for awhile. Yes, it took ALL week to pack move and kinda unpack. I got to Durham on Thursday and just today have unpacked the car! It’s been a long process that’s still going but I’m determined to have my room ready to unpack stuff by Friday.

As far as running and working out, I kinda took some time off to pack and move. Now I’m back on the horse and have been doing something active everyday since being home! Feels great to get moving again! Afew days ago I went with my parents to take our four dogs on a walk, yesterday I swam laps for half an hour with my mom, and today I took the dogs for a walk again. I’m still in search for a decent (and cheap) gym that’s close to my home I can start going to. It’s hard for me to start paying for a gym membership when I had a free gym at my apartment complex to go to whenever I wanted. I have a few in mind though that’s I’m scoping out.

I depise running in cold whether, have I mentioned that before? haha, so I haven’t gone running too much lately… more walking, swimming, and even some core workouts. Now that I have NEW running shoes I will be more determined to use them and maybe even go running in this silly chilly whether. I hate spending so much money on running shoes BUT I suppose it’s worth the money for the extra support and to have a good pair of running shoes instead of wearing my old torn up ones.

YAY... new shoes!

Yesterday when my mom & I were done at the pool and walked out to the car we were amazed to see SNOW on the ground! Sure it snows in North Carolina, but how often can you say that one day you wore a short sleeve shirt outside in warm weather and the next you’re bundled in layers as it snows outside?? Weird, right?

Our first sighting of snow in 2012!

Front window of the car!

It snows a bit more last night as I fell asleep on the couch next to a warm fire we had going in the fireplace but by the time I woke up this morning it was all nearly melted. Maybe it will snow again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get anymore.

I also have high hopes of clearing away our stationary bike so I can take it on a ride in the next few days. So here’s to unpacking, running (even if it is bloody cold out), and biking in the next few days!


One Response to “Back To Blogging (And New Running Shoes)!”

  1. J February 23, 2012 at 22:53 #

    Good luck finding a gym – I got so used to using the gym at college that after I graduated I had trouble figuring out which one I wanted to go to. Hopefully that snow goes away and you can get out for a run in those new kicks!

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