Let’s Talk Water!

7 Feb

It has no flavor, no color, no *POW* the second you drink it, so in my book it’s no fun. I hate drinking water. It’s one of my biggest downfalls and worst habits, but lately I must say I’ve been trying really hard to be better about it. Let’s be straight forward here…

<— This is how much water you SHOULD drink daily.






This is how much water I drink in one day. —>






Problem? I think so. When I was younger I was that kid who drank milk, lemonade, gatorade, hot cocca… everything but no water. I would go weeks without drinking water. I guess it wasn’t until I grew up alittle when I realized how healthy water is for you. Even after all these years, it still takes alot for me to guzzle down the tasteless liquid.

So what do experts say about this topic? “Experts recommend water as the primary beverage for a healthy life. They suggest consuming around 8 cups of water each day – and no more than 300 calories from other beverages.” That’s alot of water…

I was listening to a podcast by Jillian Michaels afew days ago and she was talking about how she hates to drink water but what helps her is thinking about drinking one cup of water every hour. When I heard this I thought, “wow, that doesn’t sound like alot… one cup of water every hour… I can do that!” Than I tried it. Harder than I thought but I definetly got alot of water in me just by trying this. Told a friend of mine about drinking one cup of water an hour and she said that makes it sound like a lot more to her. Granted, she drinks water like it’s going out of buisness! Rarely see her without a cup of water near by.

Something else that has been helping me lately is the fact that as a graduation gift from a co-worker I got a 24 oz. cup with my college logo on it. Despite the fact that it says UNCW on it, this is probably the biggest cup that I own which is great for my new found goal of drinking more water!

   Let us not forget the fact that drinking heaps of water makes you pee ALOT! Who really likes to take the time out of their day to use the restroom?!?!? Especially when you’re in the middle of a race… a long race… a timed race; there is no desire to stop and pee while you are being timed to cross that finish line!

   What are other ways I can trick myself into drinking more water? Do you drink other drinks before/after a workout that you would reccomend?


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