I hate being sick.

3 Feb

I had this whole running plan this week and I was so determined to run every day….. than I got sick. blahhhhhh. I hate being sick. Alot of the time I push through it and keep going but I decided that since I’m in the middle of moving apartments I shouldn’t try and push my luck and instead rest and get better. I ran on Monday than did an excersise video on my Wii on Tuesday and just some some core excersises today. Honestly, today was such a blur to me. I was out most of the day and didn’t get to work out or pack! I think it was alright to sleep most of the day yesterday though since I feel better today. I’m hoping by Monday I’m 100% better so I can get back into running again.

Since I haven’t really done much the past couple of days I don’t really have much to update on unfortunetly. This weekend my Dad & brother are coming into town to help me pack up the big things in my apartment (couch, table, bed, movie shelfs, tv, etc.). Probably won’t have much time to excersise this weekend but I imagine lugging big furniture up and down two flights of staires is good enough for a few days, eh?

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

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