Active 2 for the Wii

1 Feb

It’s the first of February which means afew things…

1. Christmas decorations should be long gone by now,

2. I move out of my apartment in 14 days and still have alot of stuff to do, and

3. I officially have 11 months to run 381 miles.

One of my favorite reality shows to watch is The Biggest Loser; can’t say it’s my favorite… I’m such a sucker for reality shows. I don’t know what it is about watching people work out and eat healthy but it always seems to push me and motivate me to workout more. Most of the time on Tuesdays I don’t work out until after The Biggest Loser but this week I found a break in the day and decided to do my work out than. It was a nice change this week to sit and watch the show while thinking, “I’ve already worked out today and now I can relax,” instead of, “uggggggg do I really have to walk to the gym in the dark and work out at 10 o’clock at night?!?!”

   Yesterday I was scheduled to run two miles but my ankle had been bothering me all day so instead I decided to try this ‘Active 2’ workout disc I got for free when I got my Wii last year. I haven’t really touched it since I got it because I thought I needed to have the Wii balance bored to use it…. yeah, I don’t. Which means I’ve had this work-out program for the Wii for the past 12 months and haven’t opened it!! Crazy, right? I wish someone had TOLD ME I didn’t need a balance bored! haha 😛

So I booted up my Wii, got the program running, created my work-out avatar, and found a 21-day workout to start out with. If I remember correctly it said that this 21-day program is a good ‘starting out’ workout to do so that’s why I chose it. When starting out I thought it wasn’t going to be a huge workout… maybe some jumping jacks, possibly squats or push-ups. I was wrong! This program worked me hard! I was sweating at the end of my 28 minute core work-out, that’s something I did not expect at all!

I felt really official wearing a heart rate monitar on my arm too!

   All in all I really did enjoy this program. My favorite parts of my workout were probably the step aerobics and the soccer challenges. The one downfall I’ve seen so far with this program is that the resistance band wasn’t working properly for afew of the workouts (I’m not sure I attatched it to the handels correctly either though). I’ve also read afew reviews how people have played basketball or boxing or done mountain biking on Active 2 and I can’t figure out how to even get to those workouts. I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day (hopefully sooner than later) but it’s still pretty cool that I got this $30 work-out game for FREE when I bought my Wii on sale… talk about a bargain!

Does anyone own Active 2 and know how to get to the sports like basketball and mountain biking?

What are your favorite workout games or videos to excersise with?



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