New Headbands!

31 Jan

I was at Target with my mom and my sister while I was home and as I was looking in the $1 bin I found athletic headbands that were two for a dollar so I picked afew up. I got a bright blue one and a brown one that are thicker than ones that I’ve had in the past so I was hoping they would work better with my thick, curly hair. Tried my blue one tonight during my three mile run and IT WORKS GREAT!!

   I even learned a trick from a friend of mine for keeping it from slidding off my hair. Use hair clips to clip it on near your ears and than in the back… worked like a charm!

   I think I’m going back to Target to get more since they are only a dollar, what a bargain, right?!?! They had a package that had a black headband and a pink one that I decided against because I already have quite a bit of pink running clothes but if I go back I want to try and find those to buy.

Do you have tricks of the trade for anything when it comes to running?


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