Goal One Accomplished and a Milkshake to Celebrate!

20 Jan

Today is January 20th which means, inorder to accomplish one of my goals, I need to sign up for a half marathon by the end of the day. I’ve decided on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend! That gives me plenty of time to train and get prepared to run the 13.1 mile run. My goal was originally to sign up for it by the end of the day but since my parents want to run it with me, we decided it would be easier to sign up for it all at once this coming week while I’m home. So even though I won’t be signing up for the race before the end of today, I am 100% set on running it and therefore I consider this goal to be met!!

Onto other news, yesterday I ran on the boardwalk in downtown Wilmington while my friend was in class and it was so hard! I guess that’s the first time I’ve really been on a serious run since I got out of physical therapy (by serious I mean in proper running attire, ipod on, earphones plugged in, and a goal set in mind). I only ran/jogged a little under two miles but I have to say those were two very hard miles to get through. Maybe because it was cold outside; I don’t do well running in chilly weather.

Today on the other hand, went much better! I ran three miles at the gym and I felt great when I was done! In all my years running I’ve discovered that running outside and running in the gym are two very different feelings. Something about running on pavement is harder for me than running on a treadmill, though I do enjoy running outside more I think. My pace today wasn’t great but I have a good amount of time to work on that before any big race I take part in. Of course, the Freeze Your Thorns Off virtual 5k is next weekend and, though I suppose some may say it’s not a “real” race because it’s virtual, I want to make my first race of the year a good one. If it’s not great time I won’t be disappointed though. I’m just going to do the best I can.

After my run today I was craving a vanilla milkshake soooo bad, but really didn’t want to waste my whole workout and binge on some expensive, high-calorie, not-so-good-for-me shake at a fast food place. In the end I decided to make my own (semi healthier) milkshake. I’m not really sure how much healthier it is compared to a real one but at least I tried, eh? I mixed some vanilla frozen yogurt with vanilla soy milk and a little 1% milk (I ran out of soy milk) and blended it together to make a very vanilla milkshake! Such a good treat after my run! When I texted a photo of it to my Dad he replied, “Wow! And I bet the glass you put it in makes it taste even better!” and I have to say that it did! πŸ™‚

Ever since I discovered this vanilla soy milk afew weeks ago I have been addicted to it! I’m not much of a milk drinker in the first place (unless I’m in one of my milk stages where I can down a half gallon in days!!! It’s the craziest thing!) but when I found this ‘vanilla milk’ I was intriqued. I remember when I was younger they sold vanilla milk in the grocery store and every now and than my Mom would buy it for me because I enjoyed the vanilla taste, but they quickly stopped making that and ever since than I haven’t been able to find it. As you can probably imagine, I was stoked when I saw vanilla milk acouple weeks ago, even though it was soy milk, and bought it right away. At first it wasn’t my favorite but I’ve grown to really like it and now I can’t let go!


One Response to “Goal One Accomplished and a Milkshake to Celebrate!”

  1. bclay1114 February 26, 2012 at 22:06 #

    you forgot to mention whos awesome idea it was to make froyo milkshakes

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