About Those Goals…

18 Jan

Remember when I said I wanted to run a race every month in 2012? Lets be straight here…I don’t think it’s going to happen. January is half way over and I still have yet to run some sort of race, not to mention actually registering for one. At this point in time even if I did find a race and register I’d be registering as a ‘late applicate’ and there fore would have to pay more money to participate. Oh decisions decisions…

I should have started to look at races back in November really but while I had the extra time this morning, I sat down at my desk and searched for 5-10k runs near me. I found acouple in Feburary that I’m interested in… I just have to decide, once again, if I want to pay a little higher amount since I’ll be registering past the initial deadline.

The first 5k I found was the luv2run 5k here in Wilmington. It’s actually not far from where I live which is great; that means I can take a nap in my own bed after the run! 😉 The deadline for that one is on the 31st of January (13 days away) and since I missed the first deadline the price went up a bit. It’s now $30 to run, which is a little more than I like to pay for a 5k.

The other two 5k’s I found that take place in Feburary are both closer to my family. One is the weekend that I’m moving though (I imagine it’s going to be a stressful weekend already, I probably don’t need to had a 5k race in there) and the other looks like it’s a 5k at a highschool that is geared more towards there students and families. Though the run in Wilmington is $10 more than these two races, it may work in my scheduale a bit more. Plus I know the area better and won’t have to look up directions on how to get there or worry about getting lost.

   Onto really awesome news… I think I found the perfect 5k for March!!! This one is the St. Patrick’s Lo Tide Run at Carolina Beach. It takes place in mid-March, so although I’ll have already moved by than I’m sure I can find a friends couch to crash on for the weekend. The best part about this run is that they offer a $5 discount for all students! I’m not really sure how that works if you register online but it’s worth a shot. The only downfall I saw with this race, that may not be true, is that in all the photos I was browsing through on their website it looks like they are running on the sand. That may work for some people but the last time I went running on the sand I broke my ankle… granted that was two in the morning when I couldn’t see a thing, but still that caused me a surgery where I got a piece of medal and four screws in my ankle and 10 weeks on crutches. Not fun. I’m thinking I may try and contact one of the people in charge of the race and ask them about the running on sand part. That may be the deciding factor for me. :/

Onto bigger races now! So to keep my goal of signing up for a half marathon before January 20th… well, lets just say I have two days to get this done. I think I’ve decided on the race I want to register for. Although I’ve ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon multiple times, I can’t seem to part with it. I love everything about it!! The sights and sounds (and smells) of the ocean, the energy of the people around me, the flatness of the run… it’s really the most amazing run! Not to mention my parents really enjoy that run too so that will be a good motivation to have them do this race with me!

   I’ve been thinking about my next half I want to do and I have a few in mind. Afew posts ago I mentioned I was thinking about signing up for the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon. After looking at the date of that run and looking at my planner I found it wasn’t going to work. That race takes place on the 28th of April… which is the same day I get back from a cruise. As much as I would LOVE to run 13.1 miles the very day I return from a cruise I have a feeling it’s not going to be on my top things to do list for that day.

   Earlier today I was looking at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series races and found a race in Denver that I’m very interested in. I have a good from from college who moved to New Mexico within the past six months or so and I’ve been meaning to visit her, so what better time to swing by and run a race at the same time? I thought, “Colorado and New Mexico are right next to each other… how far could she really be from the race?” Little did I know… she’s about nine hours away. The race isn’t until late September though so I suppose if I did decide to run it, and she was willing, she would have an enormous amount of time to put in notice at her job to get off for afew days to take a road trip with me. This is something I just thought about this morning too so none of this has been mentioned to my friend… who knows, she may not even want to sit in the car for nine hours with me!

   Another pro (or con depending on how you look at it) of this race being in mid-September is that it’s only two weeks after the half in Virginia Beach!! I’ve never done two half’s so close together before so this could be interesting. I think it’s definetly do-able if I plan it all right. First step will be to call my friend and see if September is a good time to visit.

   Has anyone ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon or Half before? How did you like it?


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