Three Things Thursday – Running Edition

12 Jan

I’ve decided that 2012 will be the year of running for me. Which means I need to get my bum into gear! I haven’t done much running since I got out of physical therapy, but now that I’m cleared to run again I have nothing that is holding me back.

I have two goals when it comes to running in 2012. First one is to find a half marathon (perferably in a state I haven’t done yet) and sign up before January 20th. That only gives me nine days to put my name down and swip my credit card away to another 13.1 miles! The two that I’m bouncing between right now is the Kentucy Derby Festival Mini Marathon in April and the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in September. I’ve done the Virigina Beach half acouple of times before and have pretty much fallen in love with that race!! I would even go as far to say that (besides the Walt Disney World half) it’s my favorite run! I haven’t done a race in Kentucky though so if I choose that one it would take care of completing a run in a state I haven’t done yet.

My second goal for 2012 is to run a race every month! WOAH… crazy goal, right? Especially since January is nearly half over and I haven’t even looked for races this month! So what I’m thinking is that I’ll start this in Febuary and end this goal next January completing a race on New Years Day wherever I’m located at that time. There are ALWAYS New Year Day races going on so if I plan everything out correctly I think I can do this. My goal (within this goal) is to run at least two half marathons in this 12-month span and than fill in the other months with 10k’s or 5k’s. I would love to do more than two half marathons but I suppose the biggest thing that really holds me back with bigger races like that is the expense. They usually range between $60-$90 per race (depending how far in advance you pay for it) and than on top of that you have to factor in gas/flight money and hotel cost (which are usually super expensive if it’s a big race and there are heaps of people coming in from out of town).

Ever since I moved into my current apartment I’ve had access to the gym here but, I have to be honest, I didn’t use it until after I graduated. I guess I was just too busy or (hate to say it) too lazy to go. Since graduation I’ve been going more often though. I started doing alot of working out on the elipticle and more recently on the treadmill trying to get my running back up to speed.
I think what has helped me out alot is all these races I have in mind and how much easier they will be the more I train. In one of the running blogs that I read, the writer mentioned something about having a dollar jar and everytime you go for a walk or run or do any type of workout you put a dollar in that jar. Than when it comes time to do a race you take that money and use it to sign up for the race. I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!

Something else I found a few days ago was this GREAT website to track your running, walking, biking, and swimming excersises!! I’ve fallen in love with this website now, I’m on it everyday! It’s called and like I said, you just put all the information in and it shows you all of your progress in a bar graph. I think that’s why I like this running site more than others I’ve used. When I see information on a graph it really helps me take what I’m seeing. I’m much more of a picture person than just words on a paper type of person. At the end of the year they email you a huge graph filled with all the workouts you’ve done. How many workouts you’ve done, how many miles you’ve gone, and my favorite… how many donuts you’ve burned off! :P

An example of the end of year review


I have so many things that motivate me to go running it’s probably impossible to name them all! I suppose the biggest things are my family and my health. My Mom is the one that got me into my obsession of running. I’m sure she regrets it sometimes because ever since than I’ve been dragging her to workout with me a number of times a week and although, like everyone, she likes the results it gives her it’s hard to take that first step and go do it. I shouldn’t be talking though, I do the same exact thing. Once I take that first step out of the house though I’m usually good. Give me some headphones and my IPod and I’ll be gone for hours.
My Dad is also a big motivator for me. He didn’t get into these big races until after Mom and I did but it’s rare that he misses one now. Doesn’t run as much as Mom and I, he is more of a walker, but he finishes the races and that’s really all that matters! Dad is always talking about going on walks, or even bike rides, more and getting the whole family out of the house to excersise and I think he’s the one that really drives us to get up and get going alot of the time.
Of course my health is always on my mind. Not only will running make me a healthier (and happier) person but I think it will also draw me closer to healthier meals and better snacks for me to munch on throughout the day. That’s pretty much all there is on that point.
The last thing that REALLY motivates me are my medals. Sounds silly, and a bit selfish I think, but to see all my running numbers and medals hanging on my wall everyday and to see what I’ve acomplished is such an amazing feeling! My medals are what push me to continnue running races. They show me that I’ve completed 13.1 miles (a number of times) and that one day I’ll be able to do a 26.2 race. They tell me that I’m not a quitter. I deserve every single one of those medals and have worked hard for them. A half marathon may be hard but when you recieve that brand new medal it’s a great feeling!


2 Responses to “Three Things Thursday – Running Edition”

  1. Darlene Cardillo January 17, 2012 at 02:12 #

    I love Daily MIle foe tracking runs and mileage. Any plans for a race in NYS?

    • run50states January 17, 2012 at 02:16 #

      Do you mean NYC? I haven’t completed a half mary in New York yet so one day I’ll make it there but as you read I’m looking at Virginia, Kentucky, and maybe Colorado shortly here… Colorado just because I have a friend out there now. 🙂

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